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Tuning Fork Watch Problems? Analog Quartz Watch Problems?


Bulova Accutron and tuning fork watch repair service. Analog quartz watch repair. Gold plating, platinum & rhodium plating. Case restoration for all types of watches including Rolex, Accutron,Spaceview,Omega,Certina,Wyler,Titus,Universal Geneva,Longines,Accuquartz. Swiss watch repair, Bulova, accutrons, Accutron, accutron repairs, Bulova Accutron Repair, accutron accutron accutron accutron, watch repair, watch, wrist watch repair, wrist watch, American watch repair, watch repair, Watch Repair, Quartz watch

 If your Accutron or other Tuning Fork or analog quartz watch has quit working properly or hasn't been serviced in a while you've come to the right place for watch repair.  I can clean, service and adjust your watch so it works again, keeps accurate time, and avoids excessive wear or your money back!  Two year time keeping warranty: within ± 2 minutes per month or better (batteries excluded, of course). Watch case restoration is also available.

The remarkable index mechanism works well only when it is properly phased and adjusted.  The jeweled index fingers must have the proper force pushing against the index wheel and they must have the proper orientation with the index wheel and each other.  If not, poor time keeping, stopping, or rapid time gaining will result.  Once the index mechanism is fixed, fine adjustments in time keeping can also be made by adjusting fork frequency.

I see a number of watches that have not had service for a long time and are starving for lubrication.  Loss of proper lubrication can stop a movement or wear out the ends of the geartrain axles (pivots). Furthermore, there may be no symptoms while this wear is taking place.  Tuning fork watches have powerful movements that can keep good time even when abnormal wear is occuring. Pivots have an iron composition and can rust if not protected by the lubricating oil.

If your Bulova Accutron or other tuning fork watch has not been serviced in the past 6 years then it is in need of cleaning and lubrication as preventative maintenance. Failure to do so will eventually result in damaged parts and extra expense.

Some watches, particularly some early 214's can not be made to operate properly with the higher voltage of modern silver-oxide batteries unless other means are taken.  This is due to variances in manufacturing...some forks are thinner at the base and tend to vibrate with higher amplitudes.  These are the problem ones.  The slightly higher silver-oxide voltage makes the amplitude even higher and so the mechanism indexes by more than one tooth, regardless of phasing adjustments.  I can, however, reduce the effective operating voltage so that the watch again works properly with 1.56v silver-oxide batteries by using a tiny electronic device added to the existing circuit (this is easily reversable at any time in the future).  Also, subject to availability, the tuning fork may be exchanged to eliminate the problem.

A few words about Phasing and battery voltage:  Phasing is done using special Bulova equipment and techniques.  It is critical for the proper functioning of a tuning fork watch.  This adjustment is actually independent of the battery type you use in your watch. Let me make this clear...After phasing is adjusted in a watch, it will be optimal regardless of what type battery is then put into the watch.  However, the higher voltage of silver oxide batteries means that this adjustment must be made as accurately as possible.  To accomplish this, I have developed special techniques to fine tune the phasing adjustment.

Battery replacement:  Be sure you have your battery replaced by an expert.  The tiny coil wires and index mechanism parts are exposed in certain places and vulnerable to the stray motions of an unexperienced battery replacement technician.  I have seen quite a few watches that have been damaged in this way.  Also pay attention to the correct orientation of the battery.  Watches can be damaged by placing the battery in upside down.  Refer to the table below.

Never use Zinc-Air Batteries! These batteries are made for hearing aids and other non-sealed electronics using only very low currents. They usually have a plastic film that covers a hole that must be pealed off to expose the battery to air. They are not meant for use in small sealed devices. Besides requiring fresh air to operate, they will leave nasty corrosive green gooey deposits all over the insides of a watch. I have seen far too many watches that have been operated with Zinc-Air batteries. It's very difficult to clean and can totally ruin a watch movement.

About Crystals: All curved Accutron and Omega crystals are plastic. Flat crystals are usually mineral crystal (with a few exceptions). Plastic crystals can successfully be polished to remove scratches. Watch crystal scratch repair can not remove cracks!

Battery voltage and size Table


Depending on where you go, the cost of a cleaning and / or repair can exceed the value of the watch! I have tools and experience to do the job at a fraction of the cost you'll find elsewhere.

accutron 214 spaceview, accutron 2181, omega esa movement, accutron 218 back, accutron 219 back, accutron 230back, accutron 224 accuquartz

Accutron 214 Spaceview
Accutron 2181
Accutron "Direct Read"
Accutron 218 back
Accutron 219 back
 Accutron 230 back
Accutron 224
 Accutron 2210
 Omega 1220
 Omega, ESA 9162

Whether you have an Accutron, Omega, Movado, Certina, Eterna, Universal Geneve, Longines, Tissot, Titus, Allegro, Rado, or Other Tuning Fork watch you may Email me for an estimate by clicking one of the following two links:

Basic Estimate:
-Use this link if your watch has stopped or needs routine service. 90% of watches can be fixed in the course of a basic overhaul. This includes: Poor time keeping, stopped hands, no hum, setting malfunctions, cleaning and oiling, etc. Within the hour, a list of standard services will automatically be sent including information on crystals, dial refinishing, basic case refinishing, shipping instructions, and more. After the automated response, your message will be reviewed and a personalized message will then be sent, if necessary.

Special Requests:
-Use this link if you have other questions not covered by the basic estimate auto-response, or if the auto-response fails to answer within 24 hours.

Many poorly working tuning fork watches do not need to have parts replaced.  They just need proper adjustment and cleaning!  My services include ultrasonic cleaning and lubrication as part of a normal overhaul to prevent future problems and wear.

Have you even wanted to show your friends and relatives the tuning fork in your watch? Unless you have a spaceview that's hard to do - Until now...We can now provide a window for the back of your Accutron watch! The original back will remain unmodified should you want to use it again. Click the picture below to see before/after pictures. Pricing is available by using the "Basic Estimate" link above.

Now, consider what your watch might look like by changing it's color...see this amazing example of a transformation of 14k gold to Rose Gold by clicking on this picture...

Now offering Watch Case repair, restoration, refinishing, and plating (click to view case restoration page)

While your watch is being repaired, why not have the case refinished as well! We have an exclusive relationship with the premier metalsmith in the USA at ! He will restore your case to original like-new condition at reasonable cost. There's no restriction on watch brand for case refinishing. Thanks to new modern alloys like hard gold we can even deliver better than original durability. The metalsmith at only accepts cases for restoration sent to him by us at . No other watch repairer can provide you with this exclusive service. Now you can re-live those days when your watch was new!

Even those who have a famous brand replica watch are turning them into real pieces of jewlery through this process. Their original finishes wore off quickly, but now they can enjoy the same durability as more expensive timepieces. Poorly running auto or manual wind replica watches can also be overhauled so their time keeping ability matches their looks.

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Watch case and band refinishing

Battery voltage and size Table

A custom made Accutron 219 wall clock

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