Here are a few of the many testimonials I have received:

John, I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the finished watch. I think that the workmanship is outstanding and the job was done for a reasonable price.




Hi John,

Good evening. Just wanted to let you know that I received my Omega F300 this past Monday. You did a fantastic job cleaning it up and bringing it back to life. I am very pleased with the work and outcome. It was worth the cost! Thank you!


Hollywood, FL


Received the watch and not only does it look great, but appears to be in terrific running shape! Thanks so much for your efforts! You can use me as a recommendation as to the service you perform.



I received the Accutron you reserviced for me. Even after the few days it took me to receive it, was keeping time almost to the second, compared to the Atomic Clock. Good work, John.




Greetings John, I wanted to drop this little note and thank you for the excellent service I received. Not only was the watch repaired, you did it in the time promised. I knew I had come to the right place when you took my initial phone call inquiring about service, and that call was made on a Sunday. You took the time out on your weekend to answer my questions without hesitation, that speaks volumes. Not to mention all the emails and texts you answered each time I sent one. I will make sure to let anyone know if they have a Tuning Fork watch in need of repair, that you are the person to go to........period! Thank you again John.

R. M.

San Diego, CA


Thank you for repairing my Accutron! I didn't expect it to ever work again. You may quote/paraphrase the following if you wish...

I lost my Accutron wrist watch in Wisconsin's Northwoods while caring for a neighbor's dog. The back was engraved 'LONG LINES CHUCK GAYLORD 25 YEARS 1973'. Recently, it was found and returned to me. It had lain in the rain, snow, heat, cold, pine needles and leaf litter for more than fifteen years. Its condition looked hopeless. Accutrons are no longer manufactured and AT&T Long Lines no longer exists. I found Mr. Schult's Budget Accutron Service on the internet. We corresponded by e-mail. He said that he could fix my watch and fix it he did. It has a new crystal, new hands, a new strap, a shined up case, AND IT HUMS! Mr. Schult has my heartfelt thanks!

Chuck Gaylord

James had his watch overhauled and his case refinished: The watch has arrived and it is perfect . I can't believe it is the same watch !!!!!
Warmest Personal Regards

James G.
Mansfield, TX

John: "I am really a big fan of wristwatches, but buying a new Omega model is, at this moment, too much for my savings ( I am young, so let's wait a little bit more time). So, when a friend at work gave me this 70's Omega watch I was very happy to get it. It was my first Omega... But it was in very poor condition, impossible to use. I oppened it and I saw the battery, so I thought this was a cheap quartz Omega. In the dial is written "Omega electronic f300hz chronometer, Genève", so I tryed to find some information about it on the internet. That was when I found Budget Accutron Repair, and I started to understand what a tuning fork watch is...fabulous!!! I am from Portugal and I knew that it will be hard to find someone that can fix a movement like this one, and completly restore the watch. The resources are much bigger in the U.S.A. and by the internet you can find almost everything. So after sending a message to John for an estimate I have decided to send the watch to him. Some people tought I was crazy for sending the watch for the other side of the ocean, but I trusted in John sevices. Then, after four long months, my watch came back...When I first saw it, I could hardly believe it was the same watch!!! It is like the new Omega models I see every day in the stores. Really fantastic in every aspects, including keeping real accutron time. Finishing, I would like to say that I will always keep John's contact, because he is really an expert. Thank you John, keep doing it..."

José Miguel


John: the 2 accutrons arrived safely yesterday (a clock and a watch)! Thanks! They are running perfectly. Will send you another clock in the near future. I'm in the process of moving to a new home now and it will take a while to unpack1
Best wishes,

Tom C.
Grandhaven, MI


Dear John,

I want to tell you how pleased I am with your job, fixing my watch. I didn't ever think I would find anyone capable of fixing it. Thanks for everything! You can be very proud of your skill.

Bob M.
Independence, IA


I got busy and forgot to thank you for the fantastic job you did on my SS/14k 214. The dial refinish is awesome! The case polished out great!

I look like I just walked out of the Accutron dealers shop in 1962! Now I'll jump in my 1962 Triumph TR4, tune in the Beach Boys and the picture's complete!

Thanks again,

Bakersfield, CA

Hi John:

Received the Longines ultronic on 1/22. All in perfect running order; you did a great job!


Dave N.

Rochester, NY


Hi John...

I haven't taken the time to get the Certina Chrono off to you, but I did have the time to attend the Sunshine Regional NAWCC show here in Arizona this weekend. I took the opportunity to give your name to several (many) people that asked about competent Accutron servicing. I really appreciate the great job you did on the Omega, and know that other Accutron owners have a hard time finding honest, Accutron-competent watchmakers. Hope this does you some good.

Thanks again,



"Hello John,

Received the watch yesterday and am VERY PLEASED with the service. Appears to be keeping very Accutron time. Thanks, and if I can help with feedback please let me know as I am very pleased.

T. F., Northboro, Mass."



Received watch back yesterday, the watch is running great! I've got another accutron that is humming along, the second hand moves once in a while, the hour and minute hands don't. Can I send this watch to you too...

Thanks, J. P., New Castle, PA"


Ken had two spaceviews.  One was running very fast and the other one was stopping. Both were cleaned and lubricated.  Their index fingers were adjusted to make proper contact with the index wheel.  They were both phased, too.  One needed to have a special diode added to the battery cover to lessen the voltage due to its high vibration amplitude. I also made a reflector ring for the one that was a conversion.  Here's what he wrote:


I received my watches in good shape this past Monday, both are running, and I am happy to say that they are keeping incredibly accurate time. I have a clock which sets itself to the Atomic Clock in Colorado several times a day. I set the watches to that, and in five days now, the watches are not even off by a second. Thank you so much for all your help. Please keep in touch.


Ken O."


Bob had a 214 that was starving for lubrication.  It no longer ran...

"Hi John....

My Accutron arrived safe and sound yesterday...I can't tell you how much I appreciate you getting my watch back into running condition. I'm as excited now as when I got it from my parents 33 years ago for graduation from high school. I was showing it to all my work associates yesterday like a kid with a new toy...It is running beautifully and looks great. Buffing the crystal really improved the looks...Thanks again for your prompt, courteous and honest service.... a combination that is rare to find these days. You will get my unqualified recommendation.

Bob M., Winston-Salem, NC"


Dear John,

I received my dad's watch this week...Dad hasn't seen it yet, because he is out of town. However, I can tell you the emotion I felt to see my grandfather's watch humming-away, keeping perfect time. Dad is going to be thrilled! I don't know how long it has been since he has seen it working, but it has been some time. With all of the "professionals" that have [analyzed] the watch and deemed it un fixable, I think Dad thought it was a useless pursuit. I thank you whole-heartedly and would love to give you a testimonial or reference if you ever need or want one. I am so impressed.

Thank you for your services.

Jerry Hovorka

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