214 RR Accutron Restoration

The Amazing results of refinishing a stainless steel case:

(This watch also received an overhaul, dial refinish, crystal, and replaced hands).  Refinished stainless steel cases can also be plated in Gold, White Gold, Rhodium, Platinum, Palladium, and more.

Refinishing is the process of removing scratches and pits. Sharpening contours and renewing edges. This cannot be done quickly by using sand paper and polishing wheels. It takes a master metal smith with specialized tools, paper sticks, and a keen eye. It takes hours of bench time carefully restoring the original surface appearance that was once there.

Plating is the process of electro-chemical bonding of gold and other precious metals to give the proper color and tone desired. It also protects the base metal underneath from corrosion and wear. The plated layer is very hard and able to resist attack far better than base metal and even stainless steel. It also provides a barrier to harmful metals like Nickel which can cause irritation and allergies. Even stainless steel contains a considerable amount of Nickel. Precious Metal Finishes of 12k, 14k, and 18k Gold, Rose Gold, Rhodium, Platinum, Ruthenium, and Black Rhodium used to achieve the desired appearance and necessary protection.

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