For the first time on the web see the index mechanism of a running Tuning Fork Watch:

The Accutron 219, 218 magnified:

219 @ 60X
219 @ 200X
218 @ 125X (est.)
No longer available No longer available
Higher quality
New Video from
actual Bulova Accutron
(8MB in size)

The video on the right was taken directly through my Bulova Microloupe.  There are two
shots.  In the first shot, I switch the supply voltage from low to normal and back again.  You
can actually see the vibration amplitude change.  The second shot is there for another view
of the same watch - no voltage changes.  During the shots, I am using a silver-oxide battery and
a standard Accutron model 700 meter.  To capture the video, I used a Canon ZR digital camcorder.