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Betsy Cohn has a web site with lots of Accutron and Tuning Fork watches for sale.

Max Hetzel the inventor of the tuning fork Accutron.

NAWCC the national association of watch and clock collectors.

Timezone has some great pictures and descriptive text about the Accutron 214.

The Accutron Watch Page by Rob Berkavicius. Fremantle, Western Australia.

Sean Connor has a great page about the Accutron and its electronics; and an unusual tuning fork prototype watch.

Davezilla A friend of mine who answers my annoying questions about web programming; known for his insightful Blogs, Anagrams, and more.

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Accutron Technical Site: (German Site) - Richard Kunze's Accutron technical Site, Interesting with great pictures and examples of tuning fork watches.


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